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My name is Virginia and I have two passions: do sports and practice the millenary art of listening: shiatsu and qigong

I was born in a city, Milano, and since I was a child I tried to practice sports and move my body. I started with classical ballet, ice-skating, skiing and then snowboarding. The last one is my job since many years.


IThe first step that drew me to the culture and the Eastern world has been at University, where I studied “Linguistic and Cultural Mediation” in Milan (2003-2007). In 2005-06 in Beijing I attended an intensive course of chinese language. On this occasion I practiced Taijiquan and I learned that I reach benefits not only physically but also mentally and psychologically. 

After my graduation, I attended a master in Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology in Lausanne.  

During this period I worked closely with international sports federations, the IOC and sports organizations. I did different experiences of group projects, that gave me the ability to being aware of the mechanisms that are behind the organization of a sports event.

…How did I get to Shiatsu…

Given the fact that I think, things never happen by chance, one day I had a ski lesson with a physiotherapist who had lived and studied in Beijing. After all day skiing and speaking, he advised me to take a course to become a Shiatsuka.


I jumped at the chance and after a few months I found myself at the European Institute of Shiatsu in Milan and so I began my journey of Shiatsuka.

The training course lasted three years and initially it was a personal path and then a path to professional level.

I consider Shiatsu my other passion, because, in addition to being my work, is part of my life.

He has changed, positively, the way I deal with every day life, giving me new ideas and points of view that I didn’t know.

During the three years of training at the Institut of Shiatsu I also wrote a thesis for obtaining the Federal Swiss snowboard Licence of Sports teacher in the snow. It was the first opportunity to put into practice my Shiatsu studies, as support and help to improve athletic performance of sports teachers in the snow.

My thesis  su “The art of Shiatsu for sports teachers in the snow”.  

(vedi PDF con alcuni estratti della tesi). 

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